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What is Windsor Medicare Extra?

When you have Medicare coverage, then there are certain health expenses that may not be covered. It is for that reason that Medicare supplement insurance is available. Also referred to as Medigap, Medicare supplement insurance is a secondary policy that you would buy and it will cover many of the health and medical expenses that […]

Read More... Review (it accepts medicare part d)

This online pharmacy review will help you find the cheapest online pharmacy. You might like to use as it is a reliable online pharmacy that provides you with a lot of ways to save money on filling a prescription, buying medicine, medical supplies, and equipment.  It is good for you to know more about […]


Understanding the Medicare Donut Hole in 2013

Chances are, if you have been reading anything about Medicare or you actually already have Medicare benefits, then you have heard of the donut hole. This donut hole, which is actually a gap in coverage, has long been considered the most frustrating thing about Medicare benefits. This only applies to Medicare Part D, which is […]

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