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Original Medicare and Advantage Plans have More to Offer in 2013

So many (mostly republicans in congress) have gone on about how the Affordable Care Act would be the end of Medicare and how it would ruin the Advantage plans that we’ve come to know. That is just not the case, CMS recently announced that benefits are on the rise and costs are  much lower then what […]


Video on the Donut Hole and Health Care Reform

The Affordable Care Act started to close the Donut hole in 2011 and by 2024 it will be closed completely. Have you ever reached the Donut Hole? Because of the health care law, people with Medicare get a 50 percent discount on covered brand names drugs in the donut hole. Have these reforms made a […]


What is Trailblazer Medicare?

As you may know, there are many different insurance companies that provide Medicare coverage. These companies are contracted by the government to offer the various plans or parts that come along with medical benefits through Medicare. Trailblazer is such an insurance company and if you are looking for Medicare coverage, then you will definitely want […]

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