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5 Things You Should Know About Medicare Reform

In a press release in the Wall Street Journal, the NCOA issued a statement on the 2012 Medicare Trustees Report which detailed five key facts that must be understood by policy-makers – and those who vote for them – if Medicare is to survive the upcoming challenges it faces. In the article below learn more about […]


The Not So Bright Side of Medicare’s Future

While it is not pleasant to hear the stories of Medicare’s possible failure, it is important to stay abreast of the news as it comes so that you or someone you love is not taken by surprise.  Recently, the Chicago Tribune featured an article on the not so bright side of the Medicare’s future. While […]


2012 Edition of the “Social Security and Medicare Fact Sheet”

Bloomberg BNA announced the publication 2012 Edition of the “Social Security and Medicare Fact Sheet,” a convenient way to get answers to some common questions about benefits and changes in Social Security and Medicare. This fact sheet is available to anyone who is interested.  In the press release below, you can find out what kind of information you […]

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