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Ryan’s Admission Ticket to Ride the Medicare Coaster

Paul Ryan has made it his job to persuade the youth of today’s generation that when they come of age to be eligible for Medicare, his plan will ensure that they will receive better treatment when retiring. Barack Obama, on the other hand, has made it his job to persuade them that Paul Ryan is […]


Polls Put Trust in Medicare Part B(arack)

Republican vice president candidate Paul Ryan’s map to reform Medicare seems to be misunderstood – especially in the states of OH, WI, and FL (the states in which Medicare is rated the third most crucial issue for the voters according to the NY Times) where recent polls indicate that voters are leaning towards trust Barack Obama to take […]


Medicare Mayhem: Obama Bashes Paul Ryans Plans for Medicare

In an attempt to provide a persuasive speech in Obama’s favor for Medicare, Barack Obama decides to take the low road. “He (Romney and Paul) plans to turn Medicare into a voucher program,” Obama enthused in front of the open mic. Here’s the video:–E6I40 Obama’s attempt to put himself on the high horse by […]

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