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Part D Prescription Drug Coverage for 2013

Table of Contents Part D: a Corporate Giveaway Medications from Canada Medicare began it’s Part D program January 1, 2006, in which it started to cover some of the costs medications that are taken home (that are prescriptions). The benefits of the program are offered/purchased through companies that have been approved by Medicare, specifically Medicare […]


Obamacare vs. Medicare Part C

Has Obamacare, fronted by the Obama administration, swung any punches in the ring, or are they both playing on the same team? According to the administration estimates as of September 19, not only is Obamacare not hurting any of the private Medicare Advantage Plans but doing the opposite. They claim they are aiding in the development of Medicare […]


Programs for Seniors that Don’t Cost Anything

Everybody will eventually retire some day, and keeping the cost of living in proper balance is going to be a struggle most of us will have to deal with. Health insurance coverage or long term care insurance can help, but often this is not enough to get by, Many are unaware of how easy it […]

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