Programs for Seniors that Don’t Cost Anything

Everybody will eventually retire some day, and keeping the cost of living in proper balance is going to be a struggle most of us will have to deal with. Health insurance coverage or long term care insurance can help, but often this is not enough to get by,

Many are unaware of how easy it is to receive additional help for little effort through public resources. Here is a compilation of resources one can tap into in order to gain access to the assistance which aids hundreds for financial security: Non-profit website who will ask for the basic personal information required in return for a detailed report of programs, contacts and access information. Health, disability, income, worth, veteran status, education level, and personal information are all key components to answer in order to get the most out of this website. Upon completion of your personal form, you will receive a generated response of a list and details of government programs and services for your benefit.

Medicare. Besides Part A and Part B insurance, low income receivers who rely on social security can be subsidized down to $10/month payment in premiums.

Social Security. Also known as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), this is a service one may be eligible for if the previous social security revenue was from a poorly paying job as the only source of income.

Department of Veteran Affairs. This handy website,, offers a variety of compensational packages for veterans who are experiencing service related disabilities.

Administration on Aging. The AOA over at oversees a surplus of programs throughout the nation for the elderly, which include: legal assistance, health insurance counseling, elder abuse protection and long term care.

HIPAA An act in 1996 issued as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act secures everybody with the privatization of all medical records, in the event a waiver sign granting permission for record sharing has not been signed. Visit for more information regarding this subject.

Government Your US senator at, your congressional representative at and the US Department of Justice at can provide a plethora of programs and services for the elderly who qualify.

Area Agency on Aging Federally mandated and available in any city, this agency consists of a panel of professionals who are knowledgeable in every aspect of elderly programs and available services, all within your area. is the database in which this panel resides.

Between all of these resources, one is sure to find a service or program to ensure financial stability and receive the health treatment and care services they deserve. Also, see this guide on how to get a phone for free.

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  1. gerald house says:

    You are lying. My medicare advantage plans have more than doubled again this year. Why do you treat us as though we are all illiterate? What good does it do to have 10 plans available if your hospital and Drs. do not accept them? The Obama plan has and continues to destroy our medical system and has one goal single payer government owned and controlled healthcare.

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