Medicare Advantage 2014: Part C for Contemporary

Medicare Part C provides a contemporary way for one to boost health results without shortening the financial solvency of the program before 2014.

Medicine's high costs. (Photo: Julia Cheng for USA TODAY)

Medicine’s high costs.
(Photo: Julia Cheng for USA TODAY)



Like any piece of news, there is both good and bad when it comes to the latest Medicare Trustees report.

To start things off on a positive note, the good news is very uplifting and is sure to bring a smile while you sip at your morning coffee. The hospital insurance trust fund has been calculated to run out as of 2024 just last year. This year, however, we’ve been informed that it won’t run out until 2026. This adds an extra three years of funds, which all add up to a multimillion dollar difference. The entire program has been going downhill since 08’, so this life expectancy update brings as much joy as a maternal mother jumping excitedly because she’s been told her baby will live a few extra years.

Now it is time to unleash the bear of bad news. Although the information stated above is positive, the bigger picture is very much pixilated. The financial crisis is still as hot as a toaster oven left on overnight.

The nation as a whole has logical reasoning behind their concerns for the growth and expenses of Medicare. Ten thousand baby boomers are going to turn 65 years old every single day. This calculation is expected to remain steady for eighteen consecutive years. The financial volcano has finally erupted, burning the chances of a better future for Medicare Advantage Plans. 2014 is right around the corner, and the odds of tipping the scale in the nations favor is as bleak as a vulture learning to fly moments after hatching. In ten years from the year 2014, the vulture population will probably decrease as the baby boomers are projected reach a populous of 66 million, a profound increase from the previous 50.3 million.

The Medicare Advantage Plan has what it takes to supply high quality health coverage to these baby boomers at decent cost. The saddest part of all is the fact that many of the full benefits that come along with the Advantage Plan. The hopes are that people will finally shed light on the shadows of doubt circling around the inevitable. Saving lives, controlling the budget and ultimately improving the system are all qualities that the Medicare Advantage Plan has potential to deliver.


Medicare Supports Nursing Home Neglect

In this nation, there are so many seniors reaching out to nursing homes that it’s become a multi-billion dollar industry. Due to the rapid number of nursing homes developing, the government decided to set regulations for all nursing homes to follow. These regulations ensure safety and quality care for nursing home residents and protect them from neglect with a set of basic requirements.

Recently released news shows that Medicare shelled out billions (all in taxpayer dollars) to fund nursing homes all over the country and it’s expected to be the same for 2014. The problem? Government investigators found that these recipient nursing home were not even meeting the basic requirements to look after the care of their residents.

The inspector general from the Department of Health and Human Services’ said this past Thursday that approximately $5.1 billion was distributed by Medicare for patients to stay in skilled nursing facilities that didn’t even meet federal quality of care rules in 2009. Some of these cases were even labeled as neglectful and with dangerous conditions.

Statistics show that out of every three patients who wound up in nursing homes that year, one of them landed in a facility which didn’t care to follow the federal agency’s basic care requirements which administer Medicare so it will be around in 2014 for seniors to use.

According to the letter of the law, nursing homes are obligated to write up care plans which are custom tailored to each resident to instruct the doctors, therapists and various caregivers on how to perform at their highest level to make sure that the physical, mental, and psychological well-being of every patient is met.

These residents here are typically suffering from neglect and absence of dire help they need to function, and the irony is that the government is supporting, through taxpayer money, facilities that endanger people’s health.

“These findings,” the report stated, “raise all concerns about what Medicare is truthfully paying for.” Investigators revealed that approximately 1/5 of patients’ health problems were overlooked in the care plans, giving them red X’s in the government’s books. Included in such neglected cases are those who received medications which can have serious side effects – and went on unmonitored. Residents were also getting unnecessary therapeutic treatment long after they recovered because the nursing home would actually make a profit through Medicare’s reimbursement.

This only comes to show that 2013 Medicare absolutely must start focusing on where our money is going to. Its cases like these, where multi-billion dollar scams are played against Medicare show the truth about the precision of dishonesty the industries have developed. Medicare has to be on the defense against the ruthlessness of the industry – not supporting thieves such as these nursing homes is a much more efficient way to cut expenses than any healthcare plan out there.


Healthcare Reform: Does it Effect Medicare?

Much has changed since legislation started going on on healthcare reform and as MedHealth said:

“The $1.9 billion already loaned to 24 non-profits in different states was not touched. Also, the Community Living Assistance Services and Support program, or CLASS Act, created by the ACA as a federal long-term care program was officially repealed. For Medicare, the deal means that a 26.5 percent pay cut for doctors who see Medicare patients has been averted for the year with a short-term funding patch. However, Medicare reimbursements to hospitals will be cut, and Medicare Advantage risk adjustment payments will be reduced.”

Meaning, it will all have an impact on how Medicare works. Everything is pretty much up in the air, noone knows for certain exactly how it will all work out, predictions can be made but that is about it.

Go through the information that CCIIO has made available, it can really put things in perspective.

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