Medicare Coverage in California-

For people over 65, disabled or with a very serious medical problem, a social security check is issued each month. From this check there is a certain amount deducted for Medicare, which was originally designed to cover health care. Unfortunately, the amount Medicare pays for the health services the patient receives is not enough to cover the expense. For this reason, many people find it necessary to get coverage in California, especially when Medicare isn’t enough.

The cost of co-pays, referrals and other things often cause a financial burden that people cannot afford. The only way to offset these costs is with this extra insurance. This, of course, requires a monthly payment but is not as expensive as if one were buying a straight health care policy.

An example of the personal cost is illustrated in Part A of the Medicare coverage. It states that if a person goes to the hospital they are immediately charged $1,100. With that payment, they are allowed to stay up to 90 days. If required to stay beyond that point the cost goes to $275 per day, then $550 per day.

Parts B, C, and D cover other aspects of coverage such as prescription drugs, doctors visits and Senior Advantage. All of this coverage requires extra payments from the patient. Having supplemental insurance fills in this gap between what Medicare pays and what is still due. That is why this insurance is also called Medigap.

When applying for this extra insurance an applicant will be asked questions regarding their health, income and other things related to the policy. At the current time a person may not, under Federal Law, be refused a policy based on current or previous conditions. One will find the rates vary, depending on the amount of coverage and the insurance company.

People who have been fortunate to have retirement which includes health insurance, that is their supplemental policy. Many HMO’s combine this policy with Medicare under a program called ‘Senior Advantage’ and the department of Health Services explains some of it. The policyholder usually pays a very small amount for doctor’s visits, prescriptions and other medical needs but major costs are covered.

Many people do not realize that there are certain things that Medicare does not cover. For peace of mind, in addition to knowing one’s health care will be taken care of, having a California supplemental insurance policy makes sense. When purchasing one of these policies a person will find they are all have the same coverage, regardless of the company issuing the policy, BCBS is one of the top insurers in the state and you should take a look at them. They are strictly regulated by the state and federal governments.

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