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Programs for Seniors that Don’t Cost Anything

Everybody will eventually retire some day, and keeping the cost of living in proper balance is going to be a struggle most of us will have to deal with. Health insurance coverage or long term care insurance can help, but often this is not enough to get by, Many are unaware of how easy it […]


Paul Ryan on Medicare and Other News

Our first presidential election with unlimited corporate spending has seen campaign ad funding exceed half-a-billion dollars. One of the things they’re talking about is Medicare. So, what’s going to happen to Medicare? Paul Ryan’s budget proposal switches traditional Medicare to a voucher-like credit or premium-support system. People under 55 would no longer enroll in Medicare. […]


Cell Phones for Seniors (that are free)

If you’re a senior citizen, you may be eligible to get your hands on a free cell phone. Many service providers, especially those funded by the government, recognize the growing need for seniors to be equipped with instant communicative devices and are now endorsing them for the public to obtain. The following is a collaboration […]

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