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Social Security: What’s The Problem?

Social security has been a subject of controversy within our annual elections, consisting of both truth and lies. The difference is hardly distinguishable… without the correct facts. This is the unbiased, authentic strained reality regarding the status of Social Security and the security of our monetary future. Let’s start with a little background information. Old Age, Survivors and […]


American Continental Insurance – Is it the Right Choice?

There are tons of insurance companies to choose from when shopping for an insurance policy or advantage plans for 2013 but not too many of them can compare to what American Continental Insurance has to offer – it offers diversity while providing optimum service which may be perfect for certain seniors. A bit about the American Continental as a company: American Continental Insurance […]


Blue Cross Blue Shield

About the Company – Blue Cross and Blue Shield: Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance Company offers health insurance to more than 100 million people in America. The Company is an association, called Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) made out of a coalition of 39 different health insurance organizations in U.S. Blue Cross Insurance […]

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