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Foods High in Phosphorus – Learn all About Foods with Phosphorus

Phosphorus is a nonmetallic element that is found in organic and inorganic materials. As far as Phosphorus in human body is concerned, its function is to create bone structure. Calcium and Phosphorus must have been in balance for this process to take place effectively. An unhealthy diet can account for a high level of Phosphorus […]


What is Selenium and What are its Benefits?

Selenium and Its Benefits Selenium which belongs to the same family of sulfur and oxygen is an essential mineral element found in some foods and vegetables. This vital mineral was discovered by -Jons Berzelius -a Swedish Chemist in the year 1817. The non-metallic chemical element is very essential for human body as it plays vital […]


Foods High in Phosphorus – Most Healthy Foods

Phosphorus (P) is an essential part of one’s diet in maintaining healthy bone structure. Phosphorus must be balanced out along with calcium, as an intake of too much phosphorus can lead to calcium imbalance. It is common to find adequate levels of phosphorus within unhealthy foods such as fast food and soft drinks, so having […]

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