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Medicare’s Preventative Maintenance and Wellness Coverage

We all know that preventative maintenance is the way to go if you want to keep your vehicle running longer, but many of us fail to consider that our body is just like a car – and we need to follow preventative maintenance plans to keep things running smoothly. Many people may not know that […]


Affordable Care Act on Medicare Reform

The Affordable Care Act has made fighting Medicare fraud a top priority but is it working? See the following infographic by – It explains exactly how Medicare is benefiting from the Affordable Care Act. Plenty is still happening with busts being made on those committing fraud (saving Medicare hundreds of Millions). What do you […]


How do you Feel About Medicare?

Medicare has got its limitations (deductibles & co-pays plus no catastrophic coverage) and plenty of other problems like how it’s destroying the federal budget. Although, some like to think of it as a solution for a single-payer system since its overhead is much lower than just about every private insurer but should more costs be shifted to […]

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