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Switching Part D Plans for 2014

Enrolling with a specific Part D drug plan does not limit you from switching to another plan, or with a completely different insurer for that matter. There are plenty of valid reasons for wanting to switch to a different plan. You may be interested with enrolling into a different plan because: your old plan doesn’t […]


Some Things to Expect From Medicare Insurance Plans for 2013

Even though some 2013 Medicare  reforms have been announced, there is still an enormous amount of uncertainty about what the next year will bring. Unfortunately, even once we find out what reforms and legislation will be decided on by the debt reduction super committee, there is no telling what the medical community will decide to do if reimbursements […]


All About Medicare Supplemental Plans

Many people that are about to enroll for Part B may not realize that medicare supplemental plans are extremely important. Even if you are perfectly healthy, you never know when a visit to the emergency room, or the need for extensive diagnostic testing might leave you with thousands of dollars in medical bills. As may […]

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