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Why Buy Medicare Part D plans?

The federal government had Medicare Part D designed for retirees that had trouble with covering their prescription drugs. Speak with an agent that handles Medicare before you even think of applying. Seniors can get a plan that covers the Medicare Donut Hole period but it’s going to be expensive, should they require more than $2,249.00 worth of […]


Health Care 2013: Some Things You Can Expect

As you may be aware, many people are wondering what health care 2012 will mean for people that depend on an employer for insurance. Unfortunately, most all of the news can be summed up as “less value for more money”. Here are just a few of the most visible changes to healthcare  in 2013. Depending on the […]


Pros and Cons of Buying a Medicare Supplement with AARP

If you are thinking about buying Supplemental Insurance, or any other medigap plan, you should be aware of the disadvantages as well as the benefits. For example, even though AARP may offer lower premium amounts, the cost of Part B plus the deductible may actually cost more than what you would pay to a Advantage […]

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