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Act now if you’re unhappy with your Advantage plan

If you picked a Medicare Advantage plan during annual enrollment and it isn’t what you expected, you can return to original Medicare this month. You can also select a Part D Prescription Drug plan right now. And, you can even apply for a Medigap plan, subject to medical underwriting questions about your health. Did you […]


Why Saving Money on a Medicare Part D Plan Can End Up Making You Lose More

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage, more commonly known as Medicare Part D, is an expense many seniors try to implement into their budget in a subsidizing manner. What the unfortunate and naïve fail to realize is that cutting costs of Part D could end up costing one more than they’re saving. Studies have found that almost […]


Part D Prescription Drug Coverage for 2013

Table of Contents Part D: a Corporate Giveaway Medications from Canada Medicare began it’s Part D program January 1, 2006, in which it started to cover some of the costs medications that are taken home (that are prescriptions). The benefits of the program are offered/purchased through companies that have been approved by Medicare, specifically Medicare […]

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