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Polls Put Trust in Medicare Part B(arack)

Republican vice president candidate Paul Ryan’s map to reform Medicare seems to be misunderstood – especially in the states of OH, WI, and FL (the states in which Medicare is rated the third most crucial issue for the voters according to the NY Times) where recent polls indicate that voters are leaning towards trust Barack Obama to take […]


Medicare Reform Ties Physician Payment to Patient Quality of Care

  It’s hard not to look at Medicare Reform as a zero sum game: any gain for the administrators of the program is a loss for the patients seeking medical care.  That being the case,  score 1 for Medicare patients in the Mid-West, where Reform ties physician payments to patient quality of care.  Indeed, the […]


The Death of Medicare Reform?

  Worried about the death of Medicare reform?  You should be.  Simply stated, the future of Medicare Coverage as well as Medicare Reform is not guaranteed.  In fact, considering the rising cost of healthcare coupled with the decrease in government funding almost guarantees its demise.  In an article, published by the San Francisco Gate, Amanda […]

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