FAQ – with Medigap and your Options

Q: What is a Medigap insurance policy?
A: Medigap is a private health insurance geared towards seniors who are 65 years of age and older. Medigap offers 12 standard policies called A through L, each plan has its own separate benefits.

Q: Am I eligible for Medigap insurance policy?
A: If you are 65 years or older, you qualify for Medigap insurance policy. In fact, an insurance company is not allowed to deny you Medigap even if you have a preexisting illness or disability. This only applies if you apply for Medigap within 6 months after enrolling in Medicare Part B.

You are also allowed to switch your Medigap plan as long as it’s within the 6 months after enrolling with Medicare Part B.You may have to wait up to 6 months before being treated for your preexisting conditions. A pre-existing condition is a condition which you have received treatment for or medical advice from a physician within the previous six months.

Q: How much Medigap insurance costs?
A: Medigap insurance generally depends on the age of the client. For example, someone who is 65 years old will most probably pay less than someone who is 75 years old. A Medigap insurance policy is usually between 100-165$ per month. See Medicare.Gov or use our quote engine to get an idea of what it can cost you.

Q: Which Medigap plan is best for me?
A: You have to take in consideration the financial state you are in, the benefits you are interested in and your health.

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