American Continental Insurance – Is it the Right Choice?

There are tons of insurance companies to choose from when shopping for an insurance policy or advantage plans for 2013 but not too many of them can compare to what American Continental Insurance has to offer – it offers diversity while providing optimum service which may be perfect for certain seniors.

A bit about the American Continental as a company:

American Continental Insurance Company (ACI) is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee (outside of Nashville). It was established in 2005 on a solid foundation of experience in the health/life insurance industry and senior market – from Continental Life Insurance Company of Brentwood, Tennessee. Original here at the official website. Just a couple of months ago in May of 2011 ACI became apart of the Aetna insurance company, becoming part of one of largest insurers in the country.

American Continental Insurance can be the right choice for getting a part F or some other insurance plan but it would be most advisable to first speak with a licensed expert as 95 percent of the time it is not the ideal option since there are other insurers which are most probably a better fit for your situation. Some of the most popular benefits:

  • Lab – Outpatient
  • Therapy services
  • Medical equipment that is durable
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Skilled nursing

The Donut Hole, and How it Affects You – Medicare Part D has a coverage gap, often referred to as the ‘donut hole’, where drug coverage ceases once you reach a threshold in your standard cover plan; this threshold (as of 2011) stands at $2,700.00, with benefits starting again if you spend $6,154.00 or more. The $3,454.00 ‘hole’ is one of the most contentious issues in the whole Medicare initiative. Whilst plans do exist that will cover you for all your prescription drug expenses, they are far more costly and beyond the affordability of many Medicare customers. See for more info.

All in all, with all the different Medigap insurance companies on the market American Continental certainly has its place but find out if it’d be the right fit for you within minutes of speaking with an expert adviser.

American Continental Insurance – What is it?

Original Medicare does not offer enough coverage for most seniors – Medigap insurance was introduced to handle the gaps in insurance coverage that Medicare had. It’s  purpose was to provide a solution for most American seniors through a number of different plans that would each offer a selective set of benefits and amount of coverage. With American Continental medicare supplements you can find coverage for vision, dental and prescription drugs depending on which plan you choose to go with.

Seniors can now customize their coverage to fit their exact needs, without out having to purchase benefits that they will never need, with all thanks to American Continental Insurance Company. Those with dental or joint problems can be selective and specifically choose a plan that offers those sort of treatments and benefits for 2012. American Continental plans have just got to include the most basic of benefits (parts A and B) no matter which policy you go with or how you tailor the medicare plan.

3 Responses to “American Continental Insurance – Is it the Right Choice?”

  1. Claudia says:

    I have always disagreed with the donut hole principle on the medication. I have several medication that I have to take every day, they are filled every months and a couple of them are in the hundreds of dollars, so you can probably deduce that it doesn’t take me long to hit that limit under the donut hole. Does any of the alternative plans like this plan F help with that? I will look into this American Continental Insurance company a little more and see if this is the way for me and my husband to go. Thanks so much for the details.

  2. Sean says:

    I am unclear as to the types of insurance policies that are offered by the American Continental company. But that is mainly because I have to plead guilty to being pretty ignorant about medical insurance benefits. It sounds as if they are a company that has long time experience and a commitment to providing quality assurance for its customers. Medical insurance is their expertise and they can offer advice regarding Medicare that will help you make the right decision. Your decision of a medical plan is obviously an important one and should be considered thoroughly with the help of a professional consultant.

  3. Jo says:

    I agree with reader Sean as far as needing to discuss the differences in plans with a professional consultant before making a decision, do you have any idea if they have one available to talk to. I was also wondering if American Continental offers life insurance for people over 70 or if they offer it at all. Please post the answer to this question if you know at all. I am going to continue to shop around but I will check back in a couple of days to see if you have posted anything new.

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