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Choosing an insurance company to go with is a difficult decision but thanks to American National Life Insurance it has become so much easier since you can get a relatively comprehensive policy at an affordable rate. With ANLI you can compare a plethora of plans and choose the one you like the best. It is crucial to keep a couple of things in mind:

  1. 99.9 percent of the time American National Life Insurance company is not the solution – you’ve got so much better options – so research, research and research!
  2. The company has been around for about 100 years and is in an okay financial position – There are insurers out there that are so much bigger like NewYork Life.
  3. The company is based in Texas…. that pretty much sums it up.

To find out if American National Life is the right choice for you and your family speak with an expert and compare plans with lots of different insurers. American national Life has a branch of subsidaries which are:

  • National Western Life insurance company
  • Garden State Life Insurance Company – learn all about life insurance
  • Farm Family Insurance Company – securing the future of your families farm is essential
  • Securities Management and Research, Inc.
  • Farm Family Casualty Insurance Company – protect your farm at all costs!
  • Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company
  • American National Life Insurance Company of Texas
  • American National Property And Casualty Company
Each deals with a specific type of insurance or just a different location.

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  1. Christopher G. Wiegman says:

    I want to re-submit an application to American National Life Insurance Co. I have gone to my Medical Doctor and he is submitting a letter to M.I.B. verifying to them: (1) I am NOT on Dialysis. and number (2) I am not using any mechanical devices to control my Asthma. This was incorrectly written in 2009 by New York Life Insurance. So, I need you to send me an application form as soon as possible. Thank You!

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