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Phosphorus is a nonmetallic element that is found in organic and inorganic materials. As far as Phosphorus in human body is concerned, its function is to create bone structure. Calcium and Phosphorus must have been in balance for this process to take place effectively. An unhealthy diet can account for a high level of Phosphorus infoods with phosphorus the human body, which could lead to a Calcium imbalance, since Phosphorus is commonly found in soft drinks and fast food. With the addition of mineral Magnesium, Vitamin C and Vitamin D Phosphorus also forms the structure of teeth and help to form cell membranes, forms RNA & DNA and increases endurance which is why foods with Phosphorus should be a crucial means to any diet.

Phosphorus Deficiency: Since Phosphorus is common in many foods deficiencies are slim, but not extinct. Symptoms can include, but are not limited to: mental confusion, weakness, irritability.

Foods with Phosphorus

Phosphorus is most commonly found in the following foods: meat, including pork and beef, fish, which is also a good source of protein, soy products, nuts, cheese, which is also a good source of calcium and whole grains.

Why is Phosphorus Important

There is over a pound of phosphorus in the human body. Phosphorus is known to be a component of adenosine troposphere (ATP), which is an energy source that is found in every living thing. Phosphorus is found in organic compounds in muscles, (specifically the smooth muscles) nerves, and blood. It coverts nutrients that the body takes in into energy for the body to use, while working alongside the group commonly referred to as the Vitamin B complex.

This mineral also plays a role in both the digestive and nervous systems as thiamin (commonly referred to as Vitamin B1) can’t be used by the human body without it. Phosphorus is also important in kidney function as it helps to regulate the Iodine, body’s pH levels, and Zinc, whose purpose is the development, and functions of the reproductive system, cannot be used by the body without the help of Phosphorus. A healthy, well balanced and nutritious diet is the best way to insure your body gets the nutrients that it needs to maintain complex chemical and biological functions and keep you running on all cylinders. The recommended daily allowance of phosphorus for most adults is 1200 milligrams.

As one can see Phosphorus plays many big roles in the function of the human body, everywhere from growth including the formation of bones and teeth, to vital functions like the beating of a person’s heart. Maintaining a balanced diet is the only sure way to guarantee a proper intake of Phosphorus, including nutritional supplements. Phosphorus is a key player in the championship oriented season we call life and will always play that key role from child to adulthood. Numerous systems of the human body depend on Phosphorus to prevent dysfunction and continuous harmony or balance. Many other minerals in the body work with it to achieve healthiness. Phosphorus is an important mineral that your body cannot do without, so how hard is it to eat a few vegetables a day if it will keep you healthy?

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