2012 Edition of the “Social Security and Medicare Fact Sheet”

Bloomberg BNA announced the publication 2012 Edition of the “Social Security and Medicare Fact Sheet,” a convenient way to get answers to some common questions about benefits and changes in Social Security and Medicare. This fact sheet is available to anyone who is interested.  In the press release below, you can find out what kind of information you can expect to get  from the Fact Sheet.

2012 Edition of the “Social Security and Medicare Fact Sheet,

For the first time in two years, Social Security benefits have been adjusted in order to keep up with living costs. The Social Security and Medicare Fact Sheet, 2012 Edition discusses, in detail, the new Social Security tax rates, disability benefits, and eligibility requirements.

In addition, the resource provides succinct answers to employee questions, such as: “how are my benefits calculated?”; “what is my estimated Social Security payoff upon retirement?”; “what if I become disabled?”; and “what benefits are my dependents entitled to when I die?” It also helps employees and retirees understand:

Approximately how much they will receive in retirement benefits

The average monthly benefit amount for all retired workers

The highest monthly retirement benefit that can be received

The Government Pension Offset

Medicare Part A hospital care benefits

Medicare Part B eligibility and costs

Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage plans

Medicare Part D costs

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If you are trying to plan for retirement and need answers to questions about Medicare premiums or benefits or you are an employer who wants to keep your employees informed, 2012 Edition of the “Social Security and Medicare Fact Sheet” will make it easy to get the information you need.

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