Healthcare Reform: Does it Effect Medicare?

Much has changed since legislation started going on on healthcare reform and as MedHealth said:

“The $1.9 billion already loaned to 24 non-profits in different states was not touched. Also, the Community Living Assistance Services and Support program, or CLASS Act, created by the ACA as a federal long-term care program was officially repealed. For Medicare, the deal means that a 26.5 percent pay cut for doctors who see Medicare patients has been averted for the year with a short-term funding patch. However, Medicare reimbursements to hospitals will be cut, and Medicare Advantage risk adjustment payments will be reduced.”

Meaning, it will all have an impact on how Medicare works. Everything is pretty much up in the air, noone knows for certain exactly how it will all work out, predictions can be made but that is about it.

Go through the information that CCIIO has made available, it can really put things in perspective.

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