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About Aetna Medicare Company: Aetna, which is an American Health Insurance Company, got established in the year 1853. The Company is listed among the Fortune 100 under the category of health care industries. Aetna provides a large number of health insurance products/services that are directed towards the consumer and also the traditional ones such as medical, dental, group life, pharmacy, long-term care, Medigap, behavioral health, disability plans, and medical management capabilities in addition to their Aetna advantage plans. Aetna, Inc. (NYSE: AET) is a Hartford, Connecticut based health insurance company. The Company has two more offices in Blue Bell (Pennsylvania) and Middletown (Connecticut).

Supplemental Medicare Plans Provided by Aetna Insurance Company:

Aetna Health Insurance offers cost effective and safe Supplement Medicare Insurance plans such as A, B or F that have solely been designed to compensate your Original Medicare insurance coverage – they also offer Most Medicare Part D as extra coverage. Their Medicare supplements insurance covers out of the pocket expenditures such as Part A and Part B deductibles and expenses that gives you the facility and freedom of visiting a licensed physician that already provides Medicare. The individual himself and not others makes the choice for his ‘doctor to be visited’.

Special Medicare Supplemental Policies Supplied By Aetna Health Insurance:

Aetna offers a wide range of supplement Medicare plans with a wide insurance coverage. For Instance: Aetna Golden Medicare plan (HMO); Aetna Medicare supplement (PlanSM) insurance policy and Aetna Medicare Rx plan and Aetna Golden Choice plan (PPO) or the classic Aetna Medigap insurance plan.

Other Insurance Services Offered By Aetna:

Aetna Health Insurance Company offers a wide range of health insurance products with a huge insurance cover that fits your budget and needs. The services/ products comprise medical, behavioral health, long term care, disability, dental plans, employee benefits etc.

Aetna is the contiguous offshoot of America’s Aetna Insurance Company, which issued its first life insurance policy in 1850. Aetna offers supplement Medicare Plans such as A, B, C (within Texas), and Medicare Plan F in 12 states. Aetna also provides additional Medicare plans in conclusive states and Plan D (prescription drug coverage) in all 50 states. Aetna’s Medicare plans meant for seniors consist of Medicare Supplement insurance, Medicare Advantage plans, and Prescription Drug coverage (Part D that is regulated).

Aetna Health Insurance Company caters to the peoples’ health and financial well-being by putting forth reliable information and gearing up its resources to perform for its 15 million members (medical), 10 million members (pharmacy), 12.6 million members (dental) and 12.8 million members (group insurance).

Constantly maintaining its heritage of 153 years heritage, Aetna Health Insurance Company is emerging as a leader in the health care industry by building a strong healthcare system with the co-operative network of hospitals, doctors, employers and patients.

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