Who Needs Medicare Secondary Insurance?

Are you getting to the point where you will have to worry about Medicare? Whether you or someone you love is going to need Medicare soon, it’s always better to start looking into the information sooner rather than later. There are many factors, such as opt in dates that you’ll need to consider, and if you start looking into Medicare too late, you could miss out, costing you or your loved one money they don’t have.

What is Secondary Medicare Insurance?

One thing you may have come across during your search for information is what is known as secondary insurance. CMS coined Original Medicare as medicare secondary insurance when ever it is not the primary payer of a claim and that is it, it is not Medigap/supplemental insurance. Medigap plans are basically an insurance plan that you purchase through a private insurance company that is approved by Medicare. It will cover the same things as original Medicare, such as hospital care and medical insurance, and often covers other things such as vision, dental or prescriptions. It’s also called Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) but it’s okay to called it secondary insurance.

There are many benefits to it (Medigap), such as reduced copayments and deductibles, but it comes at the cost of higher premiums. While it is a great option for some, the truth is that not everyone who is on Medicare will need these add on plans.

If you are in good health and take care of yourself through proper diet and exercise, it’s quite possible that you’ll be able to get by with what is currently available to you. After all, less hospital visits require fewer bills. If, however, you are in poor health and see surgeries, extensive hospital stays, or have pre-existing conditions that will require regular medical care, you can greatly benefit from an Advantage Plan with us.

Of course, you have to remember that even those in perfect health can have emergencies and other issues that arise without warning, and this is especially true as you get older. At some point, almost everyone needs more supplemental insurance benefits as a senior than others. And of course, you have to keep in mind that if you don’t have the money for the higher premiums, it may not be an option anyway. Some states have programs that will allow those on a fixed income help being able to afford these plans; you’ll have to check with your state for more info.

The best way to determine if you are eligible for these types of plans and if you even need them is to do your research and talk to your health insurance company and your doctor before you buy. Enter you zip code above to compare your options and to get in touch with an agency.

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