The Basics of a WellCare Medicare Plan

Medicare is a federally backed healthcare plan that is provided to those individuals who are over the age of 65, or those who are already receiving Social Security benefits. Those who are also younger than 65 and not receiving Social Security benefits, but have certain disabilities that qualify them for the program are also eligible. This type of healthcare is more affordable than a wide majority of private health insurance programs, and is generally available to those who are over 65 because they are no longer working and in need of healthcare.

While many people find that basic Original medicare plans through the government can be useful for their everyday needs, many people want just a little bit more coverage. Some private healthcare providers have thus designed healthcare plans that offer the benefits of Medicare, along with a few extras at a slightly higher cost. One of these providers is WellCare. WellCare Medicare plans, which include medicare advantage in which you can see the and Part D, can be very effective for many people and can offer them some great benefits that they just cannot get with a standard Medicare plan.

What You Get with a WellCare Plan

Parts A and B are those plans that are offered through Medicare and not through private insurers like WellCare. WellCare plans give you all of the Part A and B necessities, along with some extra features that make it more useful. The basics of Parts A and B that will come with any WellCare plan include:

  • Coverage for inpatient hospital care
  • Coverage for home health care
  • Coverage for nursing home care
  • Coverage for some preventative services to keep illnesses at bay
  • Helps cover many doctor and outpatient services

When you sign up for a WellCare plan, which is considered to be Part C/Advantage plans, you will receive these additional features:

  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Additional choices

You can also opt for Part D through WellCare, which will also offer prescription drug coverage for the patient.

Why Choose A WellCare Plan?

You might be wondering why a WellCare plan would be appealing to you, when you can get Medicare Part A for free and Part B for a very small cost. A WellCare plan will give you more choices and better prescription drug coverage, at a much lower cost than a large majority of Medicare Supplement Plans. Most Medicare Supplement Plans are costly, and thus a WellCare plan can be the best choice for those that want to add just a little more to their Medicare plan.

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  1. Betty says:

    So this is offered through some private healthcare providers? Is it still for people over 65 or with disabilities? I need health insurance for myself and my husband because we lost our jobs and can’t afford the cobra plan. What can we do? We aren’t on social security and we don’t want to be on welfare so how do we find an affordable healthcare plan?

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