Is the Talk About Medicare Political Rhetoric?

We certainly have a lot of advocates out there, standing up for our rights to affordable healthcare, but can we really believe what they say? How do their actual voting records stand up to what they have promised? While, we are not taking one side or the other, at some point the question “is the talk about Medicare Political rhetoric?” has to be asked. Read more about rhetoric and voting records in a piece posted by

 Is the Talk About Medicare Political Rhetoric or just Going Nowhere?

Presidents and lawmakers of every stripe have talked for years of needing to rein in Social Securityand Medicare. They often campaign in ways to make sure it doesn’t happen.

President George W. Bush’s bid to partly privatize Social Security in 2005 quickly died under attacks from Democrats and senior citizens groups. In 2010, Republicans took control of the House after accusing dozens of Democrats of wanting to gut Medicare. The Democrats had voted for Obama’s health care overhaul, which envisioned $500 billion in Medicare savings over 10 years.

And liberals rebuked Obama last year for showing openness to reduced benefits for Social Securityand Medicare in exchange for tax increases under a never-realized “grand bargain” with Republicans.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee warned in a petition, “President Obama: If you cutSocial Security, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits for me, my family, or families like mine, don’t ask for a penny of my money or an hour of my time in 2012.”

And so these huge and ever-growing “entitlement” programs remain on unsustainable paths.

Meanwhile, there are countless examples of Congress dodging chances to cut spending elsewhere.

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If you are going to make informed decisions, you need to be able to believe what you hear coming from those who claim to support your needs. If you find yourself not getting the changes you were promised, you may need ask yourself, “is the talk about Medicare Political rhetoric?”

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