Shopping for Medigap Insurance and How To Save

When you’re shopping for a Medicare supplement, you can often save $50 a month or more in premiums for the exact same coverage with a different company.

Since all Medigap plans are standardized by Medicare, they must offer the exact same coverage regardless of who the provider is. That means you may be able to get the same plan for less from another company. You’ll be able to see the same doctors and your claims will be handled exactly the same.

We at MostMedicare would be happy to help you shop – We really enjoy helping our clients find the best, most economical plan for their particular needs and preferences.

Regardless of whether you are new to Medicare insurance or considering changing your Medicare insurance, you have some big decisions to make. And, although there are deadlines associated with all Medicare insurance, it is probably not too late to make a change, even if you have been in Medicare for 20 years! But with so many companies offering so many different types of Medicare advantage plans, it is difficult to know which type of plan to choose, and from which company. And, the advent of Medicare Part D has made matters even more difficult.

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