There is a Gap in Medigap Insurance

If you are over 65 years old and living with a disability or chronic illness, hopefully by now you know that you have options for your Medicare insurance coverage.  But what about the folks who have similar medical situations, but are not yet 65?   Do they have the same Medicare coverage?  The truth of the matter is that there is a gap in Medigap insurance that excludes patients under the age of 65 from coverage.  Beverly Zimmerman-Davis writes about her unfortunate experience with the Medigap Gap in a recent issue of The Salt Lake Tribune.

There is a Gap in Medigap Insurance

At the age of 57, I was forced by a lifelong health condition to stop working and apply for disability. Luckily, my Social Security disability came through and I was able to get Medicare. Like others, I realized that Medicare doesn’t pay all of your medical expenses and that I would need supplemental health insurance.

With my condition, I can’t purchase regular insurance, so Medigap was my only hope.

I discovered the most ironic, unfair, unjust, even cruel thing: Unless you are 65 years old, you cannot purchase Medigap insurance! Who needs it more than someone who has been forced to retire early, ending their ability to earn a living? We are punishing people who are already suffering.

Isn’t losing my job, my income, my mobility and living with pain 24/7 bad enough?

Along with my steroid injections for pain, my doctor recommended therapeutic massage. Medicare only pays a portion, leaving me to pay about $50 per session. On a disability income, I can’t afford that, so a procedure that could bring me some relief is closed to me.

With no Medigap insurance, here I sit.

It’s truly sad to learn first-hand that there is a Gap in Medigap that will undoubtedly affect thousands.  If you are someone who is under the age of 65 and is planning ahead for your future medical coverage, you can see from this story the value of educating yourself now on insurance coverage issues.  Better yet, why not meet with an insurance professional now to discuss the issue and avoid the problem of no coverage surprises later?

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