Medicare Part C: The Importance of Hearing and Dental Coverage

Advantage Plans, also known as Part C, consist of private plans offered by Medicare-approved private companies. Upon joining a Medicare Advantage Plan, you will be provided with all of your Part A (Hospital) and Part B (Medical) coverage. Found within every type of Medicare Advantage Plan is coverage offered for emergency and urgent care, and for all services that original Medicare covers (excluding hospice care, which is covered by original Medicare regardless of being in a Medicare Advantage Plan).

Medicare Part C (advantage plans)  aren’t supplemental coverage, although they may offer extra coverage, such as vision, hearing, dental, and/or health and wellness programs. Vision and hearing are two of the five senses of the human being, and when one meets the misfortune of incurring any form of handicap within the two can be devastating not only physically, but financially as well. It is not only comforting to know that one is insured for their eyes and ears but provocative because costs in the event of an accident can be gargantuan, as Bradley A., an elderly gentleman from San Diego* has experienced.

Bradley enjoys going for a daily brisk morning walk as part of his exercise routine, and one day decided to casually reroute, which involved passing by a busy construction site. Mid-walk, as he strolled by the active construction site, a crane dropped a heavy object which collided into a metal beam, creating a booming sound explosion. The combination of the shock and loud sound explosion caused Bradley’s left ear drum to pop. Bradley had to undergo medical examination and surgery, which at first distraught him because he knew he didn’t have the proper funds to cover it. Medigap Insurance is technically completely different.

Then he remembered he was covered under an appropriate Medigap Advantage Plan in Part C, of which extra coverage involving hearing was covered. Bradley was compensated a voluminous sum as coverage for the predicament. Bradley’s case seems to be special but in essence it isn’t – hearing or vision damage can happen to anybody at anytime and coverage is crucial, and that is why people such as Bradley turn to a Medigap Advantage Plan which covers such situated loss in the event of such unforeseeable accidents. It is important to check what additional coverage is offered when seeking a Medigap Advantage Plan.

Medicare pays a predetermined amount to help cover your care to the companies offering available Medicare Advantage (Part C) Plans, which in turn are obligated to follow established rules and guidelines set by Medicare. Each Medicare Advantage Plan offered by approved companies varies in terms of out-of-pocket costs and rules regarding method of servicing, which may additionally vary by year.

*To conserve patient privacy, names or other private information may have been altered or excluded.

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