Ryan’s Admission Ticket to Ride the Medicare Coaster

Paul Ryan has made it his job to persuade the youth of today’s generation that when they come of age to be eligible for Medicare, his plan will ensure that they will receive better treatment when retiring. Barack Obama, on the other hand, has made it his job to persuade them that Paul Ryan is dead wrong.

Has Paul Ryan hit the bullseye, or did his arrow fly past everybody’s head? Ryan’s bow is formed out of wood from the forward-looking reform tree intended to increase accuracy towards the health of the retirees of our countries. In reality, his bow is strung with the reality being that only the rich will have access to the great hospice care provided under the new reform.

What’s important to keep in mind is that Obama offers not a single benefit for long term solutions to the funding Medicare’s downward monetary spending spiral. However, it “at least preserves the degree of equity and quality inherent in the current system. And there’s another difference: In Ryan’s system, the cost savings will likely come out of taxpayers’ pockets; in Obama’s, the savings come out of corporate profits.

What’s common knowledge is that something needs to stop the comet of Medicare debt from plummeting into our planet. Paul Ryan offers a solution but in the long run really only the wealthy can benefit from the prevention of inevitable debt. Barack Obama is going to have to come up with something better than “Romney and Ryan suck!” for a Medicare plan in order to save it, and in the meantime we can cross our fingers, pray to God and hope for the best that in the end, one of the political parties will formulate an adequate Medicare plan that will benefit all classes in the country while saving Medicare
from bankruptcy at the same time.

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