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Medicare Advantage 2014: Part C for Contemporary

Medicare Part C provides a contemporary way for one to boost health results without shortening the financial solvency of the program before 2014.   STORY HIGHLIGHTS Like any piece of news, there is both good and bad when it comes to the latest Medicare Trustees report. To start things off on a positive note, the […]


Experts are Missing a Crucial Point: Medicare Advantage Plans

As Avik Roy put it –  “In 1965, government experts projected that in 1990, on an inflation-adjusted basis, Medicare would cost $12 billion. In reality, Medicare in 1990 cost $107 billion. Oops.” This is still happening today, Medicare advantage programs are pushing their recipients to get tests and go for visits that they don’t need (numbers […]


An Introduction to Medicare Part C

Even though you may be enrolled in Medicare Part C, or planning to enroll, the different types of coverage may seem a bit confusing. For example, did you realize that Medicare Part C (aka medicare advantage plans) is not a separate rider like Medicare Part D? While these differences may not seem very important, choosing the […]

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