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Why Buy Medicare Part D plans?

The federal government had Medicare Part D designed for retirees that had trouble with covering their prescription drugs. Speak with an agent that handles Medicare before you even think of applying. Seniors can get a plan that covers the Medicare Donut Hole period but it’s going to be expensive, should they require more than $2,249.00 worth of […]


Understand Your Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

How well do you think you understand your prescription drug coverage?  Most people (myself included) defer to their doctor’s office to keep them informed of the insurance coverage for their products and services.  Well, what happens if they misinform you of the fine details of that coverage?  Are you responsible?  In an article written for […]


Important News about Prescriptions

I know that prescriptions are a big expense for many Medicare beneficiaries, but something is about to happen that can make prescriptions much more affordable. Seven of the most commonly prescribed drugs, including blood-thinning Plavix and cholesterol-fighting Lipitor are going to become much, much cheaper. EvaluatePharma Ltd says those patents will be expiring from now until […]

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