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Some Things to Expect From Medicare Insurance Plans for 2013

Even though some 2013 Medicare  reforms have been announced, there is still an enormous amount of uncertainty about what the next year will bring. Unfortunately, even once we find out what reforms and legislation will be decided on by the debt reduction super committee, there is no telling what the medical community will decide to do if reimbursements […]


Medicare Eligibility Based on Income

Age of enrollment into Medicare should directly correlate with ones wealth (historic income?) instead of what a senior might actually need, that is what Ezekiel J. Emanuel proposes. Although, he feels that the wealthy should have to option to buy into Medicare at age 65 and pay a flat rate (what would that be?) until they turn 70. People in the […]


Experts are Missing a Crucial Point: Medicare Advantage Plans

As Avik Roy put it –  “In 1965, government experts projected that in 1990, on an inflation-adjusted basis, Medicare would cost $12 billion. In reality, Medicare in 1990 cost $107 billion. Oops.” This is still happening today, Medicare advantage programs are pushing their recipients to get tests and go for visits that they don’t need (numbers […]

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