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Ways to Lower Your Overall Medicare Costs

With both the cost of living and medical expenses on the rise, retiring from work and settling into old-age is not as relaxing as it once was – especially for those on a limited income. We’d like to share with you some ways to lower your overall Medicare costs. The first of these is the Medicare […]


A Closer Look at Obama, Ryan, and How Medicare Beneficiaries Will Be Affected By Their Plans

While they may be advocating a similar target rate for curbing federal spending on Medicare, a closer look at Obama, Ryan, and how Medicare beneficiaries will be affected by their plans reveals some concrete differences.  In the article below, posted on, find out how you might be affected should one or the other plan be pushed through. A Closer Look […]


Recent Political Ads Show Party is Split on Medicare Spending

Typically, the country is split right down the middle in political affairs. People tend to lean toward one party or the other when it comes to their voter support. However, if you are paying close attention to ad campaigns, you will soon see that within the parties themselves, it is not so black and white […]

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