Guidance for Buying a Medigap Plan in Texas

If your parents are getting older and on medicare then there is a lot changing lately for them. I have tried to decipher medicare and I just don’t understand it. My folks live in Plano, Texas and they have found that their medicare doesn’t cover everything they need. There is something called Medigap aka Texas medicare supplement unless your from some other state.

Advice on Medicare Supplemental Insurance

It works like this in Texas

We have tried to go over this with my mother and father but I have my own concerns about my personal insurance also. Over the years I have noticed that certain procedures at the dentist have had their coverage reduced. In my twenties I had a cavity that I needed filled. Back then it was eighty percent covered. Now it is only sixty percent covered. It is really making me take a hard look at the future of insurance.

Not only am I worried for my parents and my children but I am starting to have to worry about me and my wife’s plans also. Thankfully, most of the cost surrounding our kids being born have already been taken care of. Now the kids get their colds and need shots and our insurance just doesn’t seem to be paying off like it did so long ago.

My insurance is through my job. I personally thought of going to speak to an insurance agent and have them look over my plan. I asked my dad to speak to an agent also about Medigap. It seems like a reasonable way to cover what is missed by Medicare – See the Handbook provided by the state of Texas.

Mom and dad are on a very fixed budget so it might be difficult to endure more costs. Some things are just worth it though. I am trying to help my parents as much as I can with this decision. Unfortunately, whenever I look at the legalese about which plan is what and you can’t do this without that – Which is why they needed Medigap Insurance as a senior with a family – it just boggles the mind. That’s why I suggested they talk to an agent.

It just seems very frustrating trying to decipher some of the information I find. I have found some charts that explain different coverages. Some of it starts to resemble algebra and this was not my best subject. There are some helpful documents on the government website but it can be hard to follow.

I do like that my folks can have a back up plan to Medicare. Mom just had a hip replaced and dad has a lot of medicine that he takes. Right now those are covered, but if they were not they would be in a heap of trouble. It really makes me worry about my parent’s future.

I believe that the best thing for my parents to do right now in selecting a coverage as a Texan is to speak to an agent. I would hate to tell them the wrong thing. Dad can just be stubborn and want to do things all on his own. I am the same way, but I know when to ask for help.

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