Why change to a New Medigap Plan

One reason you may consider changing plans now has to do with the legislated changes that occurred in 2010.

For example, a Medicare part F purchased before June 1, 2010 has an important difference from a Plan F purchased on or after that date. For plans sold before June 1, 2010, the risk pool is closed. That means no new members can join the risk pool for Plan Fs sold before June 1, 2010.Comparison of Medigap insurance plans

Inevitably, that will result in risk pools with increasing claims, and that will lead to insurers raising rates. No new members will be allowed to join the closed risk pools, and existing members will file more claims as they age. That’s why insurers are expected to raise premiums faster on the older plans with closed risk pools.

It may be advisable to move to a new Medicare supplemental insurance Florida with an open risk pool while your health makes the move easier. That way, you won’t be trapped in a plan with increasing premiums in the years to come.

With Most Medicare’ expert assistance, you can find the best plan to fit your needs this year and for many years to come. We pride ourselves on making the whole process easy and hassle free for our valued clients.

Whether you just have a few quick questions to ask, or you would prefer to work with your own Personal Advisor, we’re here with the answers you need to get the best coverage to protect your health, your assets and your lifestyle. Just give Carol a call at 1(866) 843-3608 to get all the help you need to make the best decision for your future now.

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